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 *Scientific methods and cultural heritage : an introduction to the application of materials science to archaeometry and conservative science / Gilberto Artioli ; with contributions from I. Angelini … [et al.]. – Oxford : Oxford university press, 2010. – XIV, 536 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

GP.GEOL. 13G. 0098: Documento per sola consultazione interna

GP.TESTO. GEOL. 092BS: Documento disponibile

GP.TESTO. GEOL. 093TR: Documento disponibile


*Geocartografia : guida alla lettura delle carte geotopografiche / Elvio Lavagna, Guido Lucarno. – Bologna : Zanichelli, 2007. – IV, 140 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.

Collocazione: GP.TESTO. GEOL. 0092BS (Documento disponibile )

GP.GEOL. 08. 0106 (Documento per sola consultazione interna )


Le *rocce e i loro costituenti / Lucio Morbidelli. – 3. ed. – Roma : Scienze e Lettere, 2010. – XVI, 469 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.


GP.GEOL. 25A. 0054 (Documento per sola consultazione interna)

GP.TESTO. GEOL. 091BS ( Documento disponibile )


An *introduction to our dynamic planet ; authors: Stephen Blake … [et al.] / edited by Nick Rogers. – Cambridge [etc.] : Cambridge university press ; : The Open university, 2008. – 390 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.

Collocazione: GP.GEOL.11.0164

Documento per sola consultazione interna.

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This is the first undergraduate textbook to fully integrate results from geophysics, geochemistry, and petrology to describe the structure, composition, and dynamic processes that operate throughout the solid Earth. It presents an Earth system science approach to studies of the Earth’s interior and develops a global view of solid Earth cycles to explain geodynamic and plate tectonic processes. This book initially explores the formation and evolution of the early Earth, then considers the operative forces for plate tectonic movements at the Earth’s surface, and finally discusses global cycles within the deep Earth and their effect on the surface environment. Interactions between the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, and their influence at and beneath the Earth’s surface are examined in detail. This textbook thus provides a concise yet extensive coverage of the solid Earth. Written for intermediate undergraduates, it includes a wealth of features to support student learning at this level.


Structural Geology

*Structural geology / Haacon Fossen. – New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010. – XV, 463 p. : ill. ; 28 cm

Collocazione: GP.TESTO. GEOL. 089BS, GP.TESTO. GEOL. 089TR (disponibili per il prestito),

GP.GEOL. 11. 0171 (documento per sola consultazione interna).

The text book named Structural geology was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. Illustrations, layout and colors have been given high priority during the writing and production of this book, which is aimed at undergraduate structural geology classes. In addition, a large effort has been put into supplementary material, particularly e-learning modules with flash animations, extra problem sets with solutions for instructors, book illustrations in digital format and additional pictures. Below follows more information about these resources. This book is currently being translated for publication in Portugese and Korean.


*Introduction to paleobiology and the fossil record / Michael J. Benton, David A.T. Harper. – Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell, ©2009. – XII, 592 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.

Collocazione: GP.TESTO. PAL. 011BS e GP.TESTO. PAL. 011TR (disponibili per il prestito)
GP.PAL. A04. 0040 (documento per sola consultazione interna)

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the science of the history of life. Paleobiologists bring many analytical tools to bear in interpreting the fossil record and the book introduces the latest techniques, from multivariate investigations of biogeography and biostratigraphy to engineering analysis of dinosaur skulls, and from homeobox genes to cladistics. All the well-known fossil groups are included, including microfossils and invertebrates, but an important feature is the thorough coverage of plants, vertebrates and trace fossils together with discussion of the origins of both life and the metazoans. All key related subjects are introduced, such as systematics, ecology, evolution and development, stratigraphy and their roles in understanding where life came from and how it evolved and diversified. Unique features of the book are the numerous case studies from current research that lead students to the primary literature, analytical and mathematical explanations and tools, together with associated problem sets and practical schedules for instructors and students.


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